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Recyship managers wellcome the last decision of the EU Authorities about Ships Out ​​of Use Recycling
The managers of the Recyship Life ENV 07/000787 program showed their support for the last decision of the European authorities to review the policy to recycle European ships out of use.

The EU Environment Commissioner, Janez Potočnik, recalled that in 2009 about 90 percent of large vessels of the Old Continent who had completed their life cycle were dismantled in Southeast Asia in dams that did not meet minimum conditions of security.

Although this practice is condemned by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the reality is that the lack of adequate facilities in Europe today pushes ship owners and shipping companies to adopt a solution that, after hearing the last decision by the EU, its days are numbered.

Brussels' Administration has decided to end this bad practice and not only wants to apply the International Convention of Hong Kong in 2009 but also advertise through its Commissioner Potočnik will promote the design and publication of a "
European list" which only have room for scrapping those that meet certain minimum requirements.

For those who do not know, one of the basic points of the Convention of Hong Kong says it will be forbidden to use certain hazardous materials during both the construction and dismantling of the ship. Similarly, it requires that the vessel has a recycling plan itself.
On the whole, it seems that the EU Administration will deal seriously with this major threat to the marine environment. That is why the managers of Recyship were very satisfied because this news comes right now, take three years at the helm of the European project Recyship Life ENV 07/000787.

This initiative is seen as the best alternative left to all the shippers and owners of the Old World who want to comply with the law.

It should be remembered also that Recyship Life ENV 07/000787, is a European demonstration project is intended to facilitate the recovery and decontamination of boats out of use in an environmentally reasonable, plus clean and safe for workers.

Now with the EU decision to impose a series of environmental and safety conditions for decontamination of Boats out of use,  European Life Recyship ENV 07/000787 has received a near final push for immediate implementation in the Old Continent.

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