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Annual Recyship partners meeting in Aveiro
On the 14th and 15th of February took place the annual Recyship partners meeting done to evaluate the technical and financial progresses and the closure of the year 2010. In this meeting the planning for 2011 was also established.
The event took place in Aveiro (Portugal), in the installations of Navalria, location where most of the demonstrative part of the project will take place in 2011.
During this meeting TECNALIA and RECICLAUTO presented to the rest of partners the primary sketches of the prototypes for the cutting of steel, TBT coatings treatment and liquid residues segregation that are going to be designed, built and validated this semester.
Some options of ships for the demonstrative process were presented and dates were established for the acquisition of the first ones for its transport to the installations of Navalria and the beginning of the dismantling.

Some communication actions proposed on the plan presented by Reciclauto were analysed and a calendar was defined for FWD, as partner in charge of the on-line diffusion, to keep informed all stakeholders through web and blog with periodic updates and the sending of informative newsletters.

PRYSMA, partner responsible of coordination and following all actions developed by the project partners, presented also a calendar so all objectives previewed for this 2011 are correctly and properly fulfilled.

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