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European Regional Authority welcomes patrons Recyship
President of the Government of Navarra, Yolanda Barcina, received this Tuesday April 3, 2012 in the Hall of Presidents Palace of Navarre employers Recyship European consortium, a European project ENV Life 07/000787.

These persons came to Pamplona to participate in a workshop about the level of compliance of a program that is endowed with 3.5 million euros for Life, the main financial instrument of the European Union for everything that has to do with the care of the environment.

In this case, for preserving marine habitats funds is for what it's have created an entente between business and technology centers in Spain and Portugal with the aim of creating tools to facilitate decontamination and dismantling Boat Out of Use BFUs, levees and ports in the Old Continent.

Currently, there is a serious problem because the absence of clear regulations prevent treatment as expected a few ships that roughly represent a great danger for the enormous amount of waste, some as dangerous as asbestos, hosting in inside.

Yolanda Barcina, who was accompanied at this meeting with the Minister of Rural Development Navarre, Industry, Employment and Environment, Lourdes Goicoechea, was particularly surprised that it is precisely a maximum Navarra company responsible for the recycling project boats.

In that sense, the president of Navarra welcomed the demonstrated ability to apply governing innovation RECICLAUTO for its business idea, environmental consulting, and encouraged other members to continue a valued work for several reasons.

First, it has meant to its participants a significant effort in research, development and innovation, mainly because the final application will include a series of economic and human benefits very important.

Project's profits
Decontamination and dismantling BFUs is presented as an outlet for European ports and cities that have undergone major restructuring and deindustrialization processes until recently.

Also, thanks to Recyship, European Life project ENV 07/000787, it's have developed new tools and knowledge that will affect a work activity much cleaner and safer for the worker who plays his role in dismantling or in dry dock.

After the meeting with Yolanda Barcina, the members of Recyship European Life project ENV 07/000787 went to RECICLAUTO's headquarters, in Sarriguren, to see the excellence that provides the paint stripping machine developed by this company. An innovation that guarantees maximum safety and hygiene for the workers responsible for the decontamination and dismantling of ships out of use, BFUs.
Also during the working sessions held in Pamplona, employers of Life Recyship European project ENV 07/000787 also knew the prototype developed by the Basque technological center, Tecnalia - Fatronik, a partner in this initiative, to simplify the cutting of sheet metal boats Out of Use. This innovation will be officially launched in the next Biennial Herrramienta Machine, BIEMH, to be held next May in Bilbao.

Finally, the
Portuguese partners, Navalria, said they already have all the permits and licenses from the Portuguese authorities to officially launch the first processes of decontamination and dismantling of ships at its facility in Aveiro. In that location is where takes place the next meeting of the members of the European project Recyship Life ENV 07/000787, next June.

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