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Work session with MEP from Navarre
MEP from Navarra, Pablo Zalba, yesterday attended Friday, April 13, 2012, to headquarters of RECICLAUTO Navarra SL. There he held a working session with its director general, Miguel Angel Garcia Molina who, in turn, is the head of Recyship, European Life project ENV 07/000787

The meeting was raised by the interest shown by Pablo Zalba to know more in detail a project that was launched three years ago and is led by a company of Navarre. Similarly, Miguel Angel Garcia Molina confirmed that it involved private companies and technology centers in Spain and Portugal, which aims to facilitate decontamination and dismantling of boats out of use, BFUs in the Old Continent.

Precisely Recyship, European Life project ENV 07/000787 is equipped with 3.5 million euros for Life, the main financial instrument of the European Union Environment. This is because the objectives of this initiative is to preserve the funds and marine habitats in the ecological threat posed a boat at the end of its life cycle.

At present, there is a serious legal problem because the absence of clear regulations precludes management properly about BFUs that roughly represent a great danger for the enormous amount of waste, some as dangerous as asbestos, hosting inside

Recyship makers, European Life project ENV 07/000787 have worked for years in various solutions in this regard and beyond the mere appearance of care and prevention of marine environment. So, Pablo Zalba appreciated some of the innovations that have made Recyship partners because of there are representing a range of economic and human benefits very important.
For example, the huge investment in R & D performed by technicians of RECICLAUTO enabled them to develop a machine for stripping paint while Tecnalia, Basque technological center, which also participates in this initiative, has developed a prototype that simplifies cutting plate vessels. In both cases there are two instruments which will result in work activity much cleaner and safer for the worker who plays his role in dismantling or in dry dock.


The innovations that were presented yesterday, also have provided Recyship partners, European Life project ENV 07/000787 which are large enough to generate the conditions for the birth and consolidation of a new industry that specializes in decontamination and dismantling ships out of use.

Moreover, the workshop helped them to these employers to transfer the MEP of Navarre their total readiness to put that knowledge to the industry could start to be located here in Spain. Specifically, it raised the possibility offered by stocks and coastal areas that have been important processes of deindustrialization, unemployment and social exclusion due to industrial restructuring that many of them were involved in the closing decades of last century.

This proposal was very well received by Pablo Zalba who pledged not only to transfer it to their European counterparts but to put the necessary support to facilitate meetings between the leaders of Recyship, European Life project ENV 07/000787 and the authorities at  the State and those populations and areas that could be benefited by this European project.

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