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Recyship's Managing Director visits the Environmental Resource Center in Navarre, CRANA
The Managing Director of Recyship, European Life project ENV 07/000787, Miguel Angel Garcia Molina went this week to the headquarters of Environmental Resources of Navarre, CRANA, located in Pamplona, ​​where he met with the CRANA's CEO, Javier Asin.

The Environmental Resource Center is a nonprofit foundation sponsored by the Navarre regional government and the public enterprise Environmental Management Navarra, SA

Among its objectives, one of the most important is the generation of synergies, forums, meeting places and discussion to increase knowledge and environmental awareness that has civil society of Navarre.

Miguel Angel Garcia Molina, on behalf of Recyship, European Life project ENV 07/000787, recognized and appreciated the important work of dissemination for the protection and care of the environment and rational use of energy that has developed and maintains this foundation in Navarre.

For this reason, he wanted to take this opportunity to share with the staff of the Environmental Resource Center all the knowledge and all the work done by the members of Recyship, European Life project ENV 07/000787.
Specifically, it raised the possibility that Recyship, European Life project ENV 07/000787 supported by the Life program, the main financial instrument of the EU environment, can serve as a reference and example of good practice for other Navarre's companies who can still have some doubts about the potential profitability of a project related to the defense and care of the environment.

"We have shown that it is possible to combine sustainable development with economic growth", said Miguel Angel Garcia Molina.

For its part, the direction of Environmental Resource Center in Navarre, CRANA, thanked the visit and offered to Recyship makers, European Life project ENV 07/000787, to design a new communication channel opened to provide a much closer collaboration between them.

In this sense, managers from the foundation and the European project confident that this new line of dialogue will bear fruit in early dates very close.

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