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Recyship supports the First Conference on Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship in Navarre
Miguel Angel Garcia Molina, Managing Director of Recyship, European Life project ENV 07 / 000787 and RECICLAUTO's Navarra Ltd. CEO, spoke on Wednesday May 9 at the First Conference on Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship in Navarre.

The forum was organized by the Government of Navarra, Caja Navarra and Foundation Diario de Navarra and was also supported by Recyship, European Life project ENV 07/000787, all to achieve two major objectives. The first, to encourage innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship in Navarre. Similarly, the promoters wanted the students to identify their skills to boost entrepreneurship.

The sessions took place at the headquarters of Civican, in Pamplona and there, in front of fifty students, Miguel Angel Garcia Molina argued that this is the best time to launch. "There are many grants, but in my time and also the difficulties that will now go through to many raised the possibility of starting a new business," he said.
The Managing Director of Recyship, European Life project ENV 07/000787 and CEO of RECICLAUTO Navarra SL, also considered that there are at least three critical points to keep in mind when you're starting a business. First, be clear about the strategy and the objectives that are to be obtained. "I just fail unless we try. Now, that does not force you to be a kamikaze. Know your limits and, above all, know how much you're willing to lose to reach your goal", he added.

Along with this premise, also considered essential the future attitude of the entrepreneur too. "The crisis in the small business is so constant. You have to be able to resist, not listening to those that take away energy from you and finding solutions that allow you to move forward," he said.

In his opinion, many businesses depend on personal's skills more than  the degree of innovation or knowledge you have. "Not everything has to be original. The best way to succeed in business is analyzing what is around. The key is adapting old ideas to new demands and problems", said.


On the other hand,  there ir a extra factor called "luck." Miguel Angel Garcia Molina chose to express it differently. "Opportunities come once in life and should always be prepared for that moment", commented.
Finally, also referred to more technical aspects. For example, he recommended, whenever possible and in a reasonable way, diversification into new businesses and recalled the need for communication and promotion. So Miguel Angel Garcia Molina said, "You are the most interested in make as popular as you can your product or service so you should think about promotion and marketing".

About financing, given the difficulties, the main board was "guaranteed minimum income to get going and then think ahead to avoid catching your fingers", said.

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