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Recyship will present in next TECMA-Madrid its industrial project for Spain and Portugal
Recyship, European Life project ENV 07/000 787, employers will attend the next International Fair of Urbanism and Environment, TECMA, to be held this June in Madrid, with a clear objective: to present its recycling facilities in Boats Out of Use , BFUs, to investors and owners interested in this programme.

Indeed, after three years of hard work, Recyship, European Life project ENV 07/000787, has successfully completed its trial period and has become a reality.

This shall be shown at TECMA. "We have planned for the coming years the implementation of at least six facilities located in Spain and Portugal, with an average treatment of one hundred thousand tons per year and generate about 55 jobs, respectively," said Miguel Angel Garcia Molina, Managing Director of Recyship, European Life project ENV 07/000787.

The launch of this project also can not come at a better time. As recalled Miguel Angel Garcia Molina, "the European Union has taken steps in an upcoming regulation that reinforces the existing Directive 98/2008 and its transposition into law 22/2011 in which already requires all waste to be managed properly".

Regardless of possible interpretations of its merchandise, the reality is that the port authorities should face, sooner o later, an appropriate manner of
recycling the abandoned boats in port.

Against this background, the facilities that promotes Recyship, European Life project ENV 07/000787, have become the best alternative left to those authorities. "We bring themour experience and knowledge but also, we are interested in investing with them.
We are deeply believe that the recycling of ships out of use can give them big benefits for their port's environment and reputation and, above all, very important economic's profits", said the head of this budding business project.
"Moreover, we are ready to solve their problems of abandoned ships, and also entered into a business with a huge potential because Europe's ports don't have nowadays the capacity for recycling of ships", he added.


The sustainable management of the BFUs is presented as an outlet for European ports and cities that have undergone major restructuring and deindustrialization processes until recently. Its advantages are enormous. We're talking about an activity that is complementary for the resources available to a port authority.

Second, thanks to Recyship, European Life project ENV 07/000787, we have developed new tools and knowledge that will affect a work activity much cleaner and safer for the worker who plays his role in dismantling ship in dry dock.

Finally, in these three years, companies and technology centers that participated in this project have made ​​substantial efforts in research, development and innovation, R & D. The decontamination and dismantling Boat Out of Use BFUs has become in an activity difficult to be implemented without the necessary knowledge and, therefore, a future filled with opportunities for medium and long term.

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