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Recyship begins successfully with the decontamination of ships out of use in Portugal
The direction of RECICLAUTO Navarra SL, a company that leads Recyship, European Life project ENV 07/000787 announced it has successfully started the decontamination of ships in the town of Aveiro, about 70 kilometers south of Porto, in Portugal. The work has been done in the Navalria docks, also a member of Recyship, European Life project ENV 07/000787, and according to the criteria of sustainability, health surveillance and for the environment established in the european Life program.

For RECICLAUTO's managers, it has been shown that "we were wrong" and "it is possible the controlled and sustainable management of a ship out of use or BFU in Europe," they added. In addition, Miguel Angel Garcia Molina, CEO of RECICLAUTO Navarre said, "We are very pleased that the prototypes we have worked three years not only have served their purpose in its premiere at the port but also has exceeded all expectations that we put on them. "
The first of these developments that have shown their worth is a 'robot tick', designed by the Basque technological center Tecnalia, another associated with Recyship, European Life project ENV 07/000787, whose function is to practice 'caesareans' in the decks and steel side of the ship to facilitate subsequent removal of items such as engines, cooling systems, kitchens and the like ...
Similarly, from RECICLAUTO has designed a machine for stripping paint, using a novel system of blasting, the steel for easy cleaning in a sustainable manner. Finally, technicians of this organization are also behind a treatment system that ensures complete separation of water and oil the ship houses inside and, thus, are managed in a way much more efficient and complete.
Recyship, European Life project ENV 07/000787 is equipped with 3.5 million euros for Life, the main financial instrument of the European Union Environment. This initiative, led by the first environmental consulting of Navarre, faces its final stages and their managers think that they have enough capacity to promote a new industry specializing in the decontamination and dismantling of ships out of use in Spain and Europe.
For that purpose, a few days of work in Portugal, members of  RECICLAUTO went to Madrid to the International Fair of Urbanism and Environment, TECMA 2012, which announced their intention to launch next year at least six BFUs management facilities, located in Spain and Portugal, with an average treatment of one hundred tons per year and generate about 55 jobs, respectively.

The results obtained in Aveiro confirmed their target to the rectors of the company. At the moment, they're looking for investors interested in participating in the industrial project. An initiative, insisting, "would place Spain as a leader in the decontamination of ships out of use."

At the time, could lead to the creation of new jobs in villages and areas of coast that have undergone a major process of deindustrialization, unemployment and social exclusion due to industrial restructuring that many of them were involved in the closing decades of last century.

 RECICLAUTO Navarre, finally, are also working with various national and international policy makers to end the current legal framework of uncertainty that exists in Spain and Europe at the treatment as a waste of ships out of use, BFUs. This task has been well received and also has the approval of DG Environment of the European Commission. The final results of this investigation are expected to offer in the autumn in an upcoming international conference.

For all those interested in a complete sequence of the work in the shipyard in Aveiro Navalria can reach her at this web link: http://issuu.com/jesusjimenezjuango/docs/album_completo_reciclaje_en_portugal/1
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