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Recyship participates in Communal's presenting, the new fund for entrepreneurs of Caja Navarra
The Managing Director of Recyship, European Life Project ENV 07/000 787, Miguel Angel Garcia Molina, participated in the presentation of Comunal, the new fund for entrepreneurs designed by Caja Navarra. Comunal will be worth five million euros distributed in three main investment.

The first will consist in a line of Microcredits and shall be designed to facilitate the implementation of personal projects to cover basic needs and small business ideas. The limit is 15,000 euros and the recipients will be, above all, new entrepreneurs who have at least a technical degree in FP, baccalaureate, diploma or degree. Also may benefit from this credit line members of groups at high risk of social exclusion.

 Second are the equity loans that provide the economic and financial support necessary to complete the release and the achievement of the first sales in business projects just getting started. To this end, these companies may provide up to 100,000 euros on very favorable terms.
Finally, the line called Capital is to support expansion projects, diversification or internationalization of the consolidated Navarre's companies. To this end, Caja Navarra reserves for such initiatives as 500,000 euros. This would be the case Recyship Industries, "a spin-off of Recyship, European Life Project ENV 07/000787," his Managing Director, Miguel Angel Garcia Molina.

Indeed, his first words were to thank those responsible for Caja Navarra his invitation to this event. Miguel Angel Garcia Molina also stated that their project is in fundraising and aims, among other great achievements, the creation of 300 jobs, of which 25 would be generated here in Navarra.

"The entry of Caja Navarra would be for us as a guarantee of quality and we are confident that it can act as an attraction for the arrival of new investors with whom we have already been in touch and hope to start work shortly" sentenced the head of Recyship, European Life project ENV 07/000 787.

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