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Recyship decontaminates the tug Vandoma in Portugal

The Navarra SL Reciclauto address, company leading Recyship, European Life Project ENV 07/000 787, confirmed the start of decontamination Vandoma tug integral in the town of Aveiro, about 70 miles south of Porto scarce in Portugal. These works are carried out in the shipyards owned by the firm Navalria also Recyship partner, European Life Project ENV 07/000 787, and in accordance with the criteria of sustainability, and health monitoring for the environment that inspired this initiative supported by European authorities.

The Vandoma is a ship of 150 tons, built in 1944 and has so far tug work in various ports of the neighboring country. Now, planned and controlled demolition "is for us a final stage for Life 07 ENV/00078 project in which we have worked hard for more than four years," said Miguel Angel Garcia Molina, director general of Navarra SL Reciclauto
At this point it should be remembered that the European project Recyship Life 07 ENV / 000 787 is equipped with 3.5 million euros for Life, the main financial instrument of the European Union in the field of Environment. It is also a program that leads Reciclauto company, based in Sarriguren, Navarra, and whose ultimate goal is the establishment of a new industry specializing in the decontamination and dismantling of ships out of use, BFUS, Spain and throughout Europe.
Its promoters point out that the extension of this type of environmentally responsible industry could bring a number of important benefits for the whole society. Of these, the key would be the creation of new jobs in towns and coastal areas that carry serious problems of deindustrialization, unemployment and social exclusion from the industrial restructuring that suffered in the last decades of the last century.

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