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MEPs required to scrap vessels only in autorized facilities
The Committee on the Environment and Public Health of the European Parliament aims to reduce the impact that irresponsible dismantling techniques lead ship in the environment and the health of workers who are responsible for these tasks in developing countries. The first step is to make the dismantling and recycling of old European ships carried only in facilities approved by the European Union and financed with a specific rate.

The Environment Committee of the Parliament voted Tuesday in favor of a bill that sets up a list of facilities around the world dedicated to scrap and recycle ships, which serve to identify facilities that meet the appropriate standards. European ship owners would be penalized if they do not respect the rules on the matter.


Furthermore, the Environment Committee of the European Parliament has approved a bill that includes an EU fund to be financed by taxes on all ships visiting EU ports, which would most competitive European facilities for scrapping ships. MEPs propose that the plan is financed by a tax recycling, according to the principle of "polluter pays".
The draft Regulation aims to reduce the adverse effects of scrapping neglected, such as accidents, injuries or harm to human health or the environment, ensuring that EU vessels and vessels from third countries that have called at regularly in EU ports, be scrapped in approved facilities worldwide, has been approved by MEPs in the Environment Committee. The new rules for recycling and scrapping of vessels were proposed by the European Commission in March 2012.

The law would apply to EU vessels, but some of its provisions, including the recycling rate, would also apply to all ships calling at a port or anchorage of a Member State of the EU. According to MEPs, Member States would be required to ensure establishing aboard each ship EU inventory of hazardous materials. The ships entering a port or anchorage of a Member State other than European and should also have an inventory of hazardous materials on board. If an inspection shows that the condition of the ship does not comply with the inventory, it could impose sanctions.

MEPs also stressed that the vessels would be exempt from paying the recycling rate if their owners have placed a financial guarantee to ensure that European facilities used for recycling and treatment. Loading rate on the scales would be impossible to avoid by "outflagging", ie re-registering a ship outside the EU. Also be imposed sanctions on the owners of EU vessels that are sold and delivered, within twelve months after the sale, for recycling on a beach or in a facility that is not on the EU list.

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